To offer a pleasant and safe environment where Armenian children can develop their social, physical and intellectual abilities during their summer holidays.




The “Ararat” Summer Camp was founded in 1971 before the opening of the nursery school and the daily school.

During the first summer, about 90 children were being registered every week.




The “Ararat” Summer Camp operates every year during 7 weeks: July through August.

Students range from 5 to 14 years old.

Registrations take place weekly; and the average attendance is of about 90 children.

Children are split up in four groups based on their age, and they take part in a rich program guided by their leaders.

The general activities and the supervision of children are done by the principal, the leaders, the assistant leaders and the secretary; a total of about 20 persons.

The daily program of the summer camp includes scientific and sport games, crafts, time spent to learn about the Armenian culture, as well as two field trips per week in Montreal or to the closest touristic sites. 





+Government grant

+Church’s Board of Trustees

+Payments done by the parents



For additional information, please contact:

Telephone: 514 332 1373, ext. 228

Fax: 514 331 8552

Website: campdetesourphagop.com