To represent the Sourp Hagop Church during the General Assembly of national representatives of the Armenian Prelacy of Canada, which is the highest legislative assembly of the Prelacy.




  • In 1969, the first group consisting in 2 representatives was elected.
  • The present group consists of 9 representatives which is the highest number for a parish.




+Supervise the general activities of the Church.

+Support the Parish Council of the Church during the review of urgent matters.  

+Participate in the National Assembly of the Prelacy and take part in the review of matters and the decision-making process regarding the parish and the Prelacy.

+Present the results of the National Assembly to the General Assembly of members of the Church.   




+ Any competent person, who has reached the age of 25 and is a member of Sourp Hagop Church for at least 3 years, is eligible to be elected as a national representative.

+ The representatives are elected by a secret ballot during the General Assembly of members, for a period of 4 years and can be re-elected.


The national representatives of the Sourp Hagop Church for 2018-2019 are the following community members:



* Mr. Ara Palandjian

* Mrs. Diroug Manjikian

* Mrs. Seta Malkhassian

* Mr. Levon Boyadjian

* Mr. Manuel Keusseyan

* Mr. Krikor Der Ghazarian

* Mr. Jirair Zakarian

* Mr. Roupen Achkarian

* Ms. Nora Gunjian