To ovelook the operations of the following institutions:

+Sourp Hagop Armenian Church

+Sourp Hagop schools: “ V. and A. Sarafian” Elementary School and “Pastermadjian” Secondary School

+C.P.E. St Jacques

+“Aram and Berdjouhie Markarian” Daycare

+“Tro and Anna Piliguian” Saturday school of Sourp Hagop Church

+“Ararat” Summer Camp

+Sourp Hagop Sunday School

+Armenian Community Centre of Montreal

+“Arto and Alice Markarian” Dining room of the Armenian Community Centre of Montreal




The first Board of Trustees was elected in 1958, with 9 members. At the time Sourp Hagop Church was located on St-Zotique street. Since 1968, the Boardl has 11 members. In 1973, the Church and the Community Centre moved to a new building on Olivar-Asselin street. Over the years, the building had some other additions with the construction of the Armenian Relief Society’s daycare, the HMEM Gamk sport complex, the Hamazkayin Cultural and Educational Association’s library, the Avedis Aharonian hall, the offices of organizations present in the community centre and the dining room. In 1987, Sourp Hagop Armenian daily school moved to a more spacious and appropriate building, situated near the community centre.

Since June 2003, thanks to the very big generosity of benefactors and community members, as well as to the ongoing efforts of several Parish councils, the school building rented by the Sourp Hagop school was purchased to serve the Armenian community.

In September 2004, the building of the Prelacy of the Armenian Apostolic Church of Canada, built on the grounds of the Armenian Community Centre of Montreal, was officially inaugurated.




The Board of Trustees holds weekly meetings to oversee the activities of its entities.


The Board appoints special committees to develop and implement various programs and activities. Here are some key ones:

+Educational Executive Committee

+Scholarship Committee

+Construction Committee

+Special committees for big annual events such as the banquet, the annual school dinner, the annual kermesse, etc.


Currently, it has a staff of over 150 persons. Hundreds of volunteers participate in its operations.




+Donations to the Sourp Hagop Church

+Membership fees

+Contributions during services

+Contributions by parents of the students, sister organizations operating in the community centre, governmental bodies, benefactors and members of the community, Armenian organizations, foundations

+Annual profitable events.




Any competent person, who has reached the age of 20 and is a member of Sourp Hagop Church for at least 2 years, is eligible to be elected as a member of the Board of Trustees.

The Board’s members are elected by the General Assembly of church members for a term of two years and can be re-elected a second and a third term.


The Board members for 2018-2019 are the following community members:

* Mr. Krikor Der Ghazarian, chairman

* Mr. Toros Babikian, secretary

* Mr. Raffi Apanian, treasurer

* Mr. Sarkis Yaghejian, vice-chairman

* Mrs. Nora Kaprielian, councillor

* Mrs. Nathalie Hadjetian, councillor

* Mr. Hovannes Kataroyan, councillor

* Mr. Raffi Keusseyan, councillor

* Mrs. Shaké Hagopian, councillor

* Mr. Arek Markarian, councillor

* Mr. Shahan Demerjian, councillor